A story. A play. A dream


The story of two small tailors who built a business, their daughter playing while growing up amongst fabrics, the dream of a woman to understand and to delight another woman.

Italian fabrics, Italian suppliers, Italian labour. Italian design with natural dies, high quality and eye for details. Things created with passion and love. Lingerie which isn’t simply “underwear” but something you fall in love with, something that gives you pleasure, which intrigues and conquers you.

Mix and match bras, tops and panties for day and night. For every woman, dynamic and ironic, playful and romantic, delicate and modern. Endless possibilities at your fingertips..

“All this is the fruit of my passion for lingerie, especially the panties. When I was a little girl I preferred panties and nightgowns to toys.
This collection reflects the way I am, sometimes childish, sometimes grown up. It is for the woman who likes to play, enjoy and fascinate. Tender and sexy.”

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